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Real Time Analyzer from NoiseMeters

NoiseMeters offers a range of real time analyzers offering real time frequency analysis in both octave and 1/3 octave band filters. Our range of analyzers is designed to satisfy those involved in both occupational noise and environmental noise monitoring.

  real time analyzer with octave band filters

Type 2 - Real Time Octave Band Filters

This data logging sound level meter is fitted with real time octave band filters, making it perfect for occupational noise and many environmental noise monitoring applications.

Code: P30-2     Price $3863.00     more info...

  real time analyzer with octave band filters

Type 1 - Real Time 1/3 Octave Band Filters

The top specification real time analyzer has all the features that the professional could need. With large memory and ease of use, this meter should be ideal for any occupational noise or environmental noise survey.

Code: P33-1     Price $7391.00     more info...


Real Time analyzer?

The benefit of a real time analyzer is its ability to measure the frequency content of the noise using real time (or parallel) filters - usually either octave band or 1/3 octave band filters.

Using a real time analyzer ensures that you can make the measurement quickly and not miss passing any of the noise through the filters.

Data Logging and Lower Cost Sound Level Meters?

If you are looking for data logging sound level meters , lower cost non-logging meters or noise dosimeters then please visit our main web site:

If you need more information on a real time analyzer, or any of our other sound level meters, then please feel free to send an email or just give us a call on 888-206-4377. Please let us know about your application or the regulations that you need to meet and we will recommend the most suitable analyzer or configuration.

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